Fitness of Doctors to practice Medicine

The GMC is best known to the public for handling complaints and giving information, which casts doubt on a doctor’s fitness to practice.

The GMC can take action when:

  • A doctor has been convicted of a criminal offence
  • There has been an allegation of serious professional misconduct
  • A doctor’s professional performance may be seriously deficient
  • A doctor with health problems continues to practice whilst unfit
  • Where the problem concerns a doctor’s conduct, the GMC take any action from issuing a warning to striking the doctor off the register in serious cases.
  • Where the problem is with a doctor’s professional performance, the GMC can assess their practice thoroughly and decide what to do to put right any deficiencies. The GMC will work with the doctor’s co-operation to ensure that patients are protected.
  • If the problem is the doctor’s health, the emphasis is on protecting patients while the doctor is offered medical treatment. The doctor will probably take time out of practice while medical treatment is continuing.

Doctors can find out more about these procedures by looking at The GMC website: www.gmc-uk.org

Or contact them on:



Enquiries or complaints about a doctor’s fitness to practise

020 7915 3603

020 7915 3642

Enquiries about GMC procedures

020 7915 3580

020 7915 3680

Enquiries about GMC performance procedures

020 7915 3667

020 7915 3680

Ethical Enquiries

020 7915 3568

020 7915 3599

Enquiries about revalidation and regulation policy

020 7915 3506

020 7915 3648

To obtain free copies of Good Medical Practice and other booklets about the fitness to practice procedures are available from:

GMC Fitness to Practice Directorate
178 Great Portland Street


020 7915 3692

General Enquiries:

020 7915 3603

Enquiries about sick doctors:

020 7915 3580


020 7915 3642

Please phone these advice lines between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.


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