1. Doctors must possess a valid registration with the British General Medical Council. Every doctor must take their original GMC certificate with them to the hospital/trust when working as a locum.

  2. Two professional UK references must be obtained from two nominated referees before locum employment can commence. United Medicare reserves the right to disclose the reference contents to our client hospitals.

  3. Doctors must provide United Medicare with their National Insurance number. If you do not possess an N.I number, you should apply for one as a matter of urgency through your local Department of Social Security (DSS) as soon as you arrive in the UK.

  4. National Insurance and PAYE (income tax) will be deducted from all earnings and will be paid to the relevant government agencies.

  5. As a temporary worker with a contract for services, you are not an employee of United Medicare Limited and therefore United Medicare is not your employer for the purpose of any pension scheme, holiday entitlements, absence due to illness, maternity leave, any legal or other litigation issues or claims.

  6. United Medicare has special arrangements in place for self-employed doctors who work through an intermediary service company to administer IR35.

  7. If the hours that you have worked differ from those for which you have been initially contracted for at the time of booking then you must inform United Medicare immediately. You must ensure that any extra hours worked are included in your timesheet and counter-signed by the relevant authorised supervisory personnel in the hospital where you are working. You must inform United Medicare if you expect to be late for any assignment for which you have been booked.

  8. Travel expenses and accommodation must be agreed in advance before you commence the locum booking. Some hospitals will contribute to the cost of travel to and from the hospital. You are responsible for meeting the cost of all personal telephone calls made from the hospital. All bleeps, accommodation keys, mobile phones and any other items on loan to you must be returned before you finish the locum booking and leave the hospital.

  9. Wage payments will be made weekly. These will only be made on the presentation of a suitably signed timesheet from you.

  10. On the rare occasion that a hospital is forced to curtail or cancel a locum job, United Medicare is not liable for any financial losses. United Medicare is also not liable in the case of any dispute arising between the doctor and the client hospital on payment, compensation or otherwise.

  11. If you have Limited Registration, then please ensure that any locum work that you undertake is within the terms of the registration. This does not affect your training interests.

  12. You need to complete a Health Declaration and Statement of Criminal Convictions at the start of each locum period.


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